Samsung Knox Vault To Be Available On Select Galaxy A-Series Devices Next Year


Users of Samsung smartphones and tablets are likely familiar with the robust security offered by Samsung Knox. This advanced security solution is designed to safeguard the data stored on these devices and has been made available globally, free of charge, on select Samsung smartphones and tablets. Exciting news emerged at the Samsung Developer Conference 2023, as the company announced that the hardware-based Knox Vault feature will soon be extended to its mid-range Galaxy A-series devices.

Until now, Knox Vault has been a feature exclusive to Samsung's flagship devices, such as the Galaxy S-series, Galaxy Z foldables, Galaxy Tab S8, and Tab S9 lineup. The Samsung Knox Vault is renowned for providing defense-grade security, operating independently with a dedicated processor and storage. It operates separately from the primary chipset of the device, ensuring that even if the primary system is compromised, attackers cannot access sensitive data. Essentially, Knox Vault functions as an isolated and tamper-proof subsystem, capable of securely storing passwords, PINs, fingerprints, media files, and sensitive services like Samsung Pay. Importantly, data stored within Knox Vault is isolated from other parts of the device.

At the Samsung Developer Conference, the company revealed that this exclusive security feature, formerly reserved for flagship Galaxy devices, will be introduced to mid-range Galaxy A-series smartphones launching next year. This integration will coincide with the rollout of the latest OneUI 6 custom skin. It's worth noting that Knox Vault will be available on select Galaxy A-series models, extending the reach of enhanced security to a broader user base. Furthermore, Samsung also announced plans to incorporate Knox Vault into its Neo QLED 8K TVs by the end of this year, reinforcing its commitment to delivering top-notch security across its product lineup.

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