Samsung partners with Batteries Plus to offer convenient, cost-effective repairs for Galaxy devices, including foldables



Smartphones have evolved into an integral aspect of our daily lives, serving various purposes from financial transactions to social interactions. However, with advancing technology and the incorporation of new features, smartphones have become notably more expensive. For instance, phones from the Galaxy S23 or iPhone 15 series can fetch a price tag exceeding $1000. Fortunately, Samsung is addressing this concern by taking steps to enhance the affordability of repairs for Galaxy phones, introducing an array of expanded repair options. Here's a detailed account of the development.

Samsung Enhances Repair Options for Galaxy Devices, Including Foldables

Samsung users in the US and Canada now have a more convenient pathway for smartphone repairs. The company has established a partnership with Batteries Plus, a specialized battery retailer boasting over 700 outlets across North America. This collaboration aims to provide in-warranty repairs for Galaxy devices, enabling Galaxy owners to visit any Batteries Plus location for a repair covered by Samsung’s warranty.

This represents a notable broadening of Samsung's repair alternatives, significantly streamlining the repair process for Galaxy device owners, particularly those residing in rural areas where access to Samsung authorized service centers might be limited. Besides accommodating in-warranty repairs, Batteries Plus will also extend its repair services to Galaxy foldables, including the Galaxy Z Fold series.

Of particular significance is the fact that this marks the first instance where Samsung has granted authorization to an independent service provider for repairing its foldable devices. Samsung's objective is to facilitate a seamless repair experience for customers, and this expansion significantly contributes to achieving that goal, simplifying the repair process for Galaxy device owners.

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