How to Find Your Windows Laptop or Computer's Model Number


Guide to find model number of your windows pc or laptop

Your computer's model name or number is critical information, providing valuable insights into its hardware and software configurations. This knowledge becomes indispensable when you need to locate compatible software, such as drivers, or when searching for the right accessories, like chargers. Moreover, having your computer's model number readily available can significantly expedite the process of seeking technical support or troubleshooting any issues you may encounter. This guide will walk you through several methods to easily find your computer's model in a Windows environment, whether through built-in tools or alternative approaches.

Ways to Find Laptop Model Number

1. Check the Product Label or Packaging:

Model number on the back plate of acer laptop

Typically, your computer's model information can be found on its packaging. For laptops, check for a product label on the base or bottom cover of the device. Some laptops with removable batteries may have their labels inside the battery compartment.

Product labels are often affixed to laptops' palm rests, right below the keyboard, or on-screen bezels.
For desktops and all-in-one computers, look on the side, back, or top of the tower case for product labels.

If the packaging or product label is unavailable, consult the user manual, as some retailers print product information on bill of sale documents or receipts.

2. From the Settings Menu:

            1. On Windows 10 and 11, the easiest method involves navigating to Settings > System > About, where you can find your PC's name, which includes model information.

System model number in setting menu

            2. Alternatively, right-click the Start button and select System for quicker access to the system information page.

alternate way to find model number in settings

Full Comprehensive Guide to Find Laptop's Model Number

3. Use the System Information Tool:

The Microsoft System Information tool offers a comprehensive report on your computer's hardware and software specs.

            1. To access it, press the Windows key + R, type or paste "msinfo32" in the Run box and press Enter.

Using system info to find model number of a laptop 1

            2. Select System Summary on the sidebar, and review the "System Manufacturer" and "System Model" rows for your PC's model details.

Using system info to find model number of a laptop 2

4. Use the DirectX Diagnostic Tool:

The DirectX Diagnostic Tool provides information on your PC's graphics card and other hardware components.

            1. Launch it by pressing the Windows key + R, typing "dxdiag" in the Run box, and pressing Enter.

find laptop model number using directx diagnostic

            2. Head to the "System" tab and find the "System Manufacturer" and "System Model for your computer's model information.

find laptop model number using directx diagnostic

5. Find Your Computer Model Using the Command Prompt:

            1. Open Command Prompt with administrative privileges by pressing the Windows key + R, typing "cmd" in the Windows Run box, and pressing Enter.

Find Pc model Number using command prompt

            2. Execute one of the following commands:

                    Method 1: Type or paste "wmic csproduct get name" and press Enter.

Find Pc model Number using command prompt

                    Method 2: Type or paste "systeminfo | FINDSTR 'System Model'" and press Enter.

Find Pc model Number using command prompt 2

How to Find Your Windows Computer or Laptop Model Number

6. Find the Computer Model Using PowerShell:

            1. Open PowerShell with administrative privileges by searching for "PowerShell"  in the Start Menu and selecting "Run as administrator."

Find Pc model using powershell 1

            2. Type or paste "Get-CimInstance -ClassName Win32_ComputerSystem" in the PowerShell console and press Enter.

Find Pc model using powershell 2

            3. Examine the "Manufacturer" and "Model" columns for your PC's manufacturer name and model number.

Find Pc model using powershell 3

7. Find the Computer Model in BIOS Settings:

The Basic Input/Output System (BIOS) menu contains comprehensive information about your Windows computer.

            1. Access BIOS by going to Settings > Windows Update > Advanced options > Recovery and selecting "Restart now" under "Advanced startup."

How to access BIOS in Windows

Wait for your device to boot into recovery and proceed to the next step.

            2. Select Troubleshoot.

            3. Select Advanced options.

            4. Select UEFI Firmware Settings.

            5. Select the Restart button to boot into the BIOS settings.

            6. Once in BIOS settings, look in the "Information" or "System Information" tab to find your computer's model under the "Product Name" row.

In conclusion, knowing your computer's model number is crucial for various purposes, including driver compatibility and troubleshooting. Utilizing the methods outlined above, you can easily locate this information on your Windows laptop or computer. Even if you do not require it immediately, keeping your computer's model number handy is a wise practice for future reference.

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