Optimize Performance: A Step-by-Step Guide to Factory Resetting Your Microsoft Surface Laptop Windows 10 & 11


Factory resting surface laptops

If you've noticed a decline in performance or frequent freezing on your Microsoft Surface laptop, it might be a suitable time to consider performing a factory reset. This process can effectively eliminate lingering problems and restore your laptop's optimal functionality.

Below, we'll guide you through the process of resetting your Microsoft Surface, also applicable to other devices running Windows 10 and Windows 11 operating systems.

Here's a step-by-step breakdown:

1. Begin by pressing the Windows key + I to access Settings.

2. For Windows 11 users, navigate to System. If you are using Windows 10, locate and select Update & Security.

windows laptop factory reset 1

3. Proceed by clicking on Recovery and then choosing the "Get Started" option.

windows laptop factory reset 2

4. At this point, you have two choices:

Keep my files: This option, similar to a "Refresh" in Windows 11, reinstalls the Windows operating system while retaining your laptop's preinstalled applications and personal files. However, be prepared to lose any custom settings, apps, and drivers you have added.

Remove everything: Opting for this alternative will perform a comprehensive reinstallation of Windows 10 or 11, erasing all traces of your previous laptop usage. This is recommended if you intend to sell or donate your laptop. Note that this process can take up to two hours to finalize.

windows laptop factory reset 3

5. You'll then need to select between Cloud download or Local reinstall. While Cloud download requires an internet connection and may take longer, it is the preferable choice for addressing severe device issues.

windows laptop factory reset 5

6. Before initiating the factory reset, make sure to select "Change settings" to customize the reinstallation process alongside Windows. Confirm your selections to proceed.

7. Move forward by clicking "Next," followed by "Reset." Allow the process to unfold and patiently await its completion. Once finished, restart your device to conclude the process.

By following these steps, you can rejuvenate your Microsoft Surface laptop and experience improved performance.

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